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Help your editors stick to your organization's critical vocabulary.
Integrate your vocabulary into the editing workflow and make it a part of your content culture.

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"Wiki-pages and spreadsheets are where glossaries go to die."

Every content strategist ever.

How it works

A Chrome extension linked to a vocabulary

Lexical has two parts:
  • A vocabulary which holds the terms you want to make sure are used or avoided
  • .
  • A chrome extension which brings your vocabulary into your web-based editing workflow, no matter what CMS or tool you use.
See the How to get started section for more details.
Use Avoid Info
Revenue Yield
We chose revenue because of its clarity.
Safety Security We want to avoid the term security unless it describes tradable stock.
Property Real estate
We prefer property to indicate ownership.

Get warnings when you use terms that you should avoid

With the vocabulary and extension set up you get warnings whenever you are entering a term that is on the list of variants.

  • Easily replace the term or
  • ignore the suggestion and Lexical will not bother you with the term as long as you are on the page.

Inspect pages to compare them against your vocabulary

Lexical helps you to find out where you can improve your copy.

  • See a report of terms that you should avoid.
  • The terms are highlighted in the text to help you find them.

How to get started

Create a vocabulary link

You don't need to register to use Lexical. All you have to do is to choose a vocabulary link.

This will bring you to your new vocabulary page.
lexical.ch/ Create

Set up a vocabulary

Lexical let's you set up a vocabulary. This is a list that holds your preferred terms, along with their variants.

  • Preferred terms are terms you want to see in your copy instead of the variant(s).
  • Variants are terms you want to avoid in favour of the preferred term.
  • If needed you can leave a comment to give some context or explain your content decision.

Install the chrome extension

After setting up the vocabulary you can put it to good use with the lexical browser extension.
  • You can find the chrome extesion here
  • Install it like you would install any other browser extension
  • connect it to your vocabulary by clicking on the pink Lexical icon in the navigation bar.